Tonight is not a good night for dying from Ali Asgari on Vimeo.

directed by:Ali Asgari

Festivals the film participated in:

2annas short film festival LATVIA
Tabor short film festival CROATIA
Shqip short film festival KOSOVO
Video on the beach short film festival SLOVENIA
Epizephiry short film festival ITALY
Lago short film festival ITALY
Ourense film festival SPAIN
International short film of CYPRUS
Dakino short film festival ROMANIA
Berlin directos lounge festival GERMANY
Ljubljana short film festival SLOVENIA
Langsett independent short film festival UK
Moscars short film festival EGYPT
ReelShorts Film Festival CANADA
Clipaward low budget short film festival GERMANY
Holmfirth short film festival UK
One shot short film festival Armenia
Ayvalik short film festival TURKEY
Figari film festival ITALY
Corti nell”Aia ITALY
Openair short film festival Germany
Golfo dei poeti short film festival Italy
Duhok international film festival Iraq
San fransisco iranian film festival United states
Independent Film Fest Osnabrück Germany
Young station short film festival Italy
Freaked_out short film festival Poland
Amed film festival Turkey
Amarcort short film festival Italy
Borgo in corto short film festival Italy
Rasena short film festival
One take short film festival Croatia
Visioni corte short film festival Italy
Ambiente in corto short film festival Italy
Festival Cine/B Chile
Jalari in corto short film festival Italy
South West London International Film Festival UK
Filmissima film festival Italy
San Salvario film festival Italy
International short film festival of Geneve Switzerland

NISI MASA Trailer from NISI MASA on Vimeo.

Animation by Timothée Lemoine
Script by Dusan Kasalica

NISI MASA is a European network of associations, currently present in 26 countries. These associations consist of young professionals, students and enthusiasts with a common cause - European cinema.

Our main aims are:
- to discover new film talents
- to develop cross-cultural audiovisual projects
- to foster European awareness through cinema
- to create a platform of discussion and collaboration for young European filmmakers

Our main activities are:
- organising filmmaking & scriptwriting workshops
- holding various cinema-related meetings (conferences, seminars, etc.)
- promoting short films (through screenings, making of DVDs, etc.)
- editing publications (various books & a daily magazine produced during several European film festivals)

PAPER MEMORIES from Theo Putzu on Vimeo.

An Old man search for happiness in old photos… two worlds divided by the inability to dream…

Written and Directed by Theo Putzu
Photography Theo Putzu
Editing Theo Putzu
Sound Design Martin Ortega Granella
Soundtrack Miguel Marin

Stop-Motion technique, approximately 4000 photos.


Special Mention at VISIONARIA 2010 - Piombino - Italy
Special Jury Prize at BOLZANO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2010 - Bolzano - Italy
Special Jury Prize at Festival CinemaZERO 2010 - Trento - Italy
Nomination for “BEST EDITING” at GRAND OFF 2010 - Warsaw - Poland
Best Short Film at CORTO CORTO MON AMOUR 2010 - Cinisi - Italy
Best Short Film at CORTI CIRCUITI 2010 - Calderara di Reno - Italy
Special Jury Prize at MIGLIO D’ORO FILM FESTIVAL 2010 - Portici - Italy
Best Short Film at FESTIVAL CORTO XX 2010 - Roma - Italy
Best International Short Film at FESTIVAL PONTINO DEL CORTOMETRAGGIO 2011 - Latina - Italy
Nomination for “BEST DRAMA SHORTFILM” at Festival STOKE YOUR FIRE 2011- Stoke-on-Trent - UK
Special Mention at Festival VISIONI ITALIANE 2011 - Bologna, Italy
Best Editing at FESTIVAL A CORTO DI IDEE 2011 - Ravello, Italy.
Best Short Film at FESTIVAL SCHERMI IRREGOLARI 2011 - Bagno a Ripoli, Italy
Best Actor at SOLOFRA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Solofra, Italy
Audience Awards at DISPOSABLE FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - San Francisco, USA
Best Short Film at PARMA VIDEO FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Parma, Italy
Special Jury Prize at CESATE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Cesate, Italy
Best Experimental Short Film at FILM VIDEO MONTECATINI 2011 - Montecatini, Italy
Second Prize at FESTIVAL INVENTA UN FILM 2011 - Lenola, Italy
Best cinematography at FESTIVAL INVENTA UN FILM 2011 - Lenola, Italy
Best Editing at FESTIVAL INVENTA UN FILM 2011 - Lenola, Italy
Special Mention at SCREENGRAB NEW MEDIA ARTS AWARD 2011 - Townsville, Australia.
Jury prize at TRANI FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Trani, Italy.
Special Mention at SCIACCA FILM FEST 2011 - Sciacca, Italy.
Best ShortFilm/New Technologies at UNDERGROUND CISTERNA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Cisterna, Italy.
Best Cinematography at UNDERGROUND CISTERNA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Cisterna, Italy.
Best Screenplay at UNDERGROUND CISTERNA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Cisterna, Italy.
Best Short film at WORDLESS FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Acquaviva delle Fonti, Italy.
Best Foreign Short Film at CORTOLOVERE 2011 - Lovere, Italy.
Best experimental Short Film at I’VE SEEN FILMS 2011 - Milan, Italy.
Best Short Film at NOVARA FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Novara, Italy.
Best Short Film at MESTRE FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Mestre, Italy.
Third prize at FESTIVAL CORTODINO 2011 - Torre Annunziata, Italy.
Best Cinematography at SEMANA DE CINE EXPERIMENTAL DE MADRID 2011 - Madrid, Spain.
Best experimental Short Film at TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Tirana, Albania.
Online award “experimental” at TIRANA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - Tirana, Albania.
Best Short Film at CORTIAMO 2011 - Alcamo, Italy.
Best Film/Public Choice at FLUXUS FILM FESTIVAL 2011 - São Paulo/Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
Second Prize at VALSUSA FILMFEST 2012 - Valle di Susa - Italy.
Best Short Film at VIDEOMAKER FILM FESTIVAL 2012 - Casalnuovo di Napoli, Italy.
Best Cinematography at VIDEOCONCORSO F. PASINETTI 2012 - Venezia, Italy.
Best Short Film at CORTOSCART 2012 - Peschiera del Garda, Italy.
Jury prize at BOTTEGHE D’AUTORE FESTIVAL 2012 - Albanella, Italy.
Best Work - Innovation of Language at ARES FILM & MEDIA FESTIVAL 2012 - Siracusa, Italy.
Best Cinematography at CERVELLI IN CORTO 2012 - Quarrata, Italy.
Best Short Film at ZEROTRENTA CORTO FESTIVAL 2012 - Argenta, Italy.
Prize for Most Original Short Film at CHRONOS FILM FESTIVAL 2012 - Albuquerque, Usa.
Best Short Film at MODENA IN CORTO 2012 - Modena, Italy.
Special Jury Prize at FILM FESTIVAL DI GHEDI 2012 - Ghedi, Italy.
Best Film Award at WORDLESS INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2012 - Sydney, Australia.
Best Short Film at FESTIVAL ZONE VIDEO 2012 - Empoli, Italy.
Best Short Film at SHORT SOUP INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2013 - Sydney, Australia.
Best Editing at CAMAIORE FILM FESTIVAL 2013 - Camaiore, Italy.
SNCCI Prize at BRESCELLO FILM FESTIVAL 2013 - Brescello, Italy.
Best Director at POLLA IN CORTO - CORTI A SUD 2013 - Polla, Italy.

Hollow - Short Film from Rob Sorrenti on Vimeo.

Hollow is a sensitive observation about the nature of addiction. Exploring the idea that love isn’t always enough when it comes to getting clean and the inevitable sacrifice that comes with sobriety.

Festivals: Rushes. Encounters. London Short Film Festival. Foyle. Cinequest. Bahamas. Cleveland. Bermuda. ECU. Arizona. Beverly Hills. Newport Beach. Indianapolis. ITN. Vancouver. Holly Shorts. San Diego. Starz Denver. Kerry. Cork. Kino. Reel Recovery. European Spiritual and Aesthetica.

Awards: Three awards at the Oscar accredited Rhode Island International Film Festival (2011), including the much coveted ‘Film Maker of the Future’ award, ‘Best Short Student Jury’ and ‘Best Score’. ‘Hollow’ also won Best Short Film at the European Spiritual Film Festival (2012) and the People’s Choice Award at the Aesthetica Short Film Festival (2012).

Hollow can be seen with French, German, Spanish and Italian subtitles on Rob Sorrenti’s Vimeo page. Please share our film!


Director. Rob Sorrenti
Writer’s. Lee Thomas & Rob Sorrenti
Producers. Roopesh Parekh & Rob Sorrenti
Cinematographer. David Raedkar
Editor. Leo king
Composer. Christopher Slaski


Alice. Morven Christie
Marcus. Martin McCann
Angelo. Nonso Anozie
Child Welfare. Haydn Gwynne